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Container Shipments

RUGO has worked with Tools With A Mission (TWAM) to support ETO Nyamata, Amizero Training Centre and other technical training establishments in Rwanda.

Tools With A Mission (TWAM) was started 23 years ago by John Bennett, a teacher who became involved in development work by gathering together a collection of tools for agricultural work in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). TWAM aims to collect and refurbish equipment no longer required in the UK and ships them overseas.

Following the initial shipments of tools and equipment for Nyamata School, Amizero Training Centre and other educational establishments in Rwanda, RUGO approached TWAM to form a partnership for sending tools and equipment more regularly to Rwanda.

To date two containers have been sent to Rwanda with further tools and equipment for ETO Nyamata, Amizero Training Centre, and other TWAM supported training centres and projects. RUGO has supported the shipping costs and logistics involved with receiving the tools and equipment in Rwanda.


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