Latest News - January 2014 

Visit by RUGO's Alun Cope-Morgan sees the completion of the Solar Electrification of Karambi Village

The solar electrification of the Village of Karambi is completed with just some final work on the workshop to be done. All houses in the village now have light and a socket to charge a lantern and the necessary mobile phone powered by solar panels on the roof of each house.

Alun being shown the light in village house by "Granny" Dative


Alun, with his wife Suzanne, paid his first visit to Rwanda and visited the village of Karambi to meet the "grannies" who undertook the solar elctrification work and to see the benefits of the project at first hand. They were accompanied by Colette Hughes, wife of RUGO Chairman Mike Hughes and Jacquie from Safer Rwanda, who assisted in the project.

"This was truly the most humbling and emotional time I think I have ever experienced" said Alun, "The courage and spirit of the ladies who left the village to be trained in India when they have never left the local area before, and to then return and implement the electrification is unbelievable"

The quality of the villager's lives has changed dramatically undertaking activities when it's dark, which it is for 12 hours a day, such as homework by the children and sewing and reading. Importantly, the numerous accidents that ocurred when kerosene lamps or fires provided light has been eradicated.

The ladies now spend one or two days a week maintaining and fixing any broken equipment. This is paid for by the villagers as a monthly 'subscription' making the project truly sustainable.

 When asked about the highs and lows they responded "The high was when we returned from India to a huge welcome from our friends and families. The low was when the equipment took so long to come and we thought we would be unable to complete our mission"

A further complete report and update including the 'interview' with the ladies will follow including the plans to complete the workshop and the next steps in electrifying more villages like Karambi in Rwanda.


The recent history of Rwanda, which culminated in the genocide of 1994, devastated the Rwandan economy and destroyed much of the infrastructure. Tragically the death of up to one million people left the human resource base, and in particular that of trained personnel, in a desperate situation. Eighteen years on the new Government has succeeded in rehabilitating infrastructure, restoring public services and re-establishing a credible government in the eyes of both the people of Rwanda and the international community.

Rwanda has no appreciable natural resource mineral base. The Government of Rwanda has realised that, in order to develop the country, it needs to develop the human resource base in particular in the areas of science and technology.Rwanda United Kingdom Goodwill Organisation (RUGO) is devoted to the advancement of education and training of the people of Rwanda and has undertaken a number of projects to improve life in Rwanda.


Music Evening Raises £800

Following the success of previous years Linda and Steve Wells held a Music Evening in their garden at 18, Hare Lane, Claygate, Surrey, KT10 9BS on Sunday June 16th in aid of RUGO.

The music evening followed The Claygate Open Garden Trail which was held around Claygate from 2pm to 5-30pm when teas were available and a plant sale took place.

The evening event, specifically in aid of RUGO took the form of various artists playing music in the garden with canapes, wine, beer and soft drinks for refreshments.

There were also various photo displays, and an update of, the latest RUGO project to Solar Electrify the Village of Karambi.

TRhe event was very succesfull raising over £800 for RUGO and the Karambi Solar Electrification in particular.

Click here to see pictures of the event



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